About Victor

At the age of 37, I began to experience many problems with my voice due to the demand of being a pop-singer, so who better to seek advice from than my father. To this day his words have been the best advice anyone has ever given me. I studied with my father for five years and in doing so my approach to both music and life dramatically changed.

The Bel Canto style of singing came from Italy and was discovered over 160 years ago. My father, Professor Eduardo Asquez, was the First Tenor and Teacher in this country to pass on this knowledge to singers such as Valerie Masterson, Anthony Michael’s Moore and Maria Collier to name but a few.

My father once showed me this article about singing teachers and I found it incredibly informative, the first section particularly. It’s from a very old magazine and I’d like to share it with you – here.

Due to the teachings of my father I have perfomed in the fantastic opera”Palliaci”, with the Medway Opera Company as the character of Beppi. A role I would never have dreamt of portraying without the amazing training of Bel Canto.

You can also have a listen to me singing ‘Caro Mia Ben‘ here on Youtube.