Lessons are held in a relaxed and friendly environment at my home in Kent. However many of my students do not live in Kent, they travel for the training they receive.

Over our lessons together I will teach you how to open up all the muscles in your vocal chords allowing you to have full control over your voice. Its only once you can control what you have that you can use it to its potential. This method has been part of my life for many years now and it’s important to me as a teacher to pass on my knowledge to others so they can grow and improve as singers.

This is a unique style and therefore requires dedicated students who want to learn and grow in singing of all genres. Although we may teach classical to strengthen the vocal cords, once this in place it can be used in any and every genre desired – Rock, Blues, Motown, Pop, etc. Technique really has no bearing on style of music.

Here is one of my students at a competition which she won – Nina Smith



Prices start from just £25 per hour lesson…

But the knowledge you will gain is priceless!