What my students say about me

I asked some of my students if they’d write a few words about my lessons and the way I teach my classes. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of what to expect if you choose me to guide you to a better vocal ability.
Heres what they said:


Vic, I consider myself most fortunate to have discovered you and the Bel Canto schooling.  Your teaching is of the highest calibre and you have given me a singing technique that is at a level far above any other system I have tried in recent years.  Even though I have been with you only a relatively short time you have brought my voice on by leaps and bounds. I would, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending yourself and the Bel Canto schooling to anyone wishing to become a singer whether their interest is pop, rock or indeed opera.  I am forever indebted to you for showing me what singing really is.

Marcus Smart

I’m pleased to say the since starting lessons with Vic about 12 months ago there has been a big improvement in my singing tone, range and stamina. I now front a band as main singer/guitarist and I can sing for a couple of hours. Before I was never able to take on this role as my voice wouldn’t last more than 30 minutes without throat problems. I can also reach Bb where before I was struggling with a G at times

Robin Clark

Vic has taught me beyond where other teachers could teach, Vic teaches singing using the techniques of the elite – through classic method and as a musician, I know this is a thing to be greatly respected. Vic is friendly, knowledgeable and himself an incredible singer –  I will probably never use another singing teacher ever again.

Sam Laming

Just writing to say thanks for eveything you have taught me so far. I literally started from the beginning with no technique and no confidence but this is something you have changed within the short space of time I have been with you. Look forward to many more lessons ahead.

Franco Clark

Vic is a very professional singing teacher. He is friendly, chatty and easy to get along with. He lets you develop at your own pace and encourages you along the way. As well as taking his practice seriously he also adds a fun element to the lessons. I would highly recommend Vic as a singing teacher without hesitation.

Hope you have been well and good luck with the new website,

I now am a singer in a band and have my first charity gig at the Hilton hotel in Maidstone in August, scary!!

Charlene Durrant

I met Vic more than a decade ago and I can say without hesitation that he has blessed me with the knowledge and skill to be able to sing Bel Canto. I never knew of the existance of this technique and thanks to him, he offered me time, his knowledge, experience, his patience and his certainty that I was an opera singer and not a musical singer as I thought. Thanks to his individual styling of teaching he has given me much needed confidence and laughter through this truly hard graft and craft that is called singing!
Be prepared for laughter, tears, backaches, hardwork and emotional highs as you progress. I don’t know where I would be vocally if I hadn’t found Vic and for that I am truly grateful to him. A whole new world has been opened up to me which has changed my life. Whether you study for a hobby or for a chance of a career I personally wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Nina Smith

After trying various singing teachers, I realized once I had joined THE “BEL CANTO SCHOOL”, which is run by Mr Victor Asquez,
Just how necessary and important it is to learn the true art of singing.
This being, not only to enhance and project a good strong sound, but also in the protection and care of the voice….
I have been singing for many years in various vocal groups and organisations and have all too often have witnessed many people who have used their voice wrongly and consequently had many vocal problems such as loss of voice etc..
I have no doubt that Mr Asquez is extremely professional in voice coaching, as he demonstrates his life knowledge which he gained from his father… an International Professional Opera Singer with a profound tenor voice…
I have been going to Vic now for 10 years, and not only do I enjoy his knowledge of the art form, but he is a truly inspirational teacher given with lots of warmth, fun and laughter… ( AND A CUP OF COFFEE!!!) Also, undoubtedly my voice has become a lot stronger, enhancing a much richer sound.

Mean Turner.

Following singing without instruction at the end of the 90s I badly strained my voice so much so that I lost it entirely for several months. I went to two speech therapists and two singing teachers over the next few years, none of whom could really explain to me what the problem was, much less help me solve it.  I read countless books on opera singing, some on the Bel Canto singing technique and none of them really explained the core principles of what is fundamentally important to enable you to sing safely and for long periods of time at volume.  When I came to Vic my voice had deteriorated so badly that I found it hard to sing in tune. I was at the point after nearly ten years of searching of giving up and never singing again. Singing was not only a chore, but actually was painful too.. I was exhausted, but something told me to give one more singing teacher a try.  Fortunately I did and came across Vic’s website, I called him up and he recommended I come along and listen to another student who was booked in for a lesson that week.  As soon as I heard the sound she made I knew that there was something special about what Vic was imparting to students.  The sound was not only beautiful but it had a quality that allowed it to project with what seemed like very little effort on the singer’s part.  When Vic took me through a few exercises I could feel that what he was doing was teaching was markedly different to what I done before and I felt it was much more comfortable instantly.  He told me that I was a soprano when all my other teachers had misled me into singing in a lower mezzo range.
I booked a lesson with Vic and he explained in simple terms what exercises would benefit my voice and I found that my voice responded quickly and grew in volume. It became more comfortable and to this day, still amazes me with its growth and progression.
Vic also helped me become much more aware of listening to the intelligence of the voice and body and develop my singing in a holistic manner. The teaching is always done with respect, care and with the air of an artist who was clearly born to sing and to teach.
Rachel Taylor

Vic is a relaxed, patient and good humoured teacher, who helps to develop confidence in his students singing abilities and enables them to find their natural voice. If you are interested in learning more about the Bel Canto technique, I would strongly recommend a lesson with Vic, so that you can find out whether it would be right for you.

Vicky Perkins


Just wanted to say how pleased I am with Abi’s progress since starting lessons. Her voice sounds delightful to listen to and the range of notes she can now reach with ease has increased dramatically. It has been lovely to watch her confidence grow with each lesson.
Many thanks for all your hard work

I had singing lessons with vic asquez for two years in which time i really enjoyed myself,he always made me feel at ease helping my confidence to grow by following his instruction and with hard work an dedication i believe anyone can learn to sing and only a fool would fail to benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Chris Day

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